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Tabitha Found Me

It all started , when i was very young i can remember being in a large store and wanting to touch the dresses and lingerie they somehow always attracted me . The silky touch was so nice , Some years passed i was maybe 6 or 7 . My mom gave me some clothes to take upstairs ,among them was a white silk slip.That evening when i was going to bed i saw the slip on the end of the bed i knew my mom would be downstairs for a while . so i grabbed the slip went in the bathroom and locked the door . i stood there for a while then slowly took off my pj,s and into the white silky slip .Oh it was so nice, soft and silky i had never felt this way before . i took it off folded it neatly and placed it on the end of the bed . Wearing that slip became a regular occurrence I was never sure at the time if my mom knew what i was doing , but i am sure she had an idea , and when she found out
she was supportive and caring which is what we all need .

Tabitha xxxxxx
tabithastephens tabithastephens 31-35 14 Responses Aug 26, 2012

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you have a very understanding mom indeed, mine was a bit different and just wanted to forget about it all when i came outto her.

How nice to have a supportive mom!

You lucky lil devil you.

You know my Mom & Aunt let me do it also! I still have some panties and slips from
them, as well as a girdle or two and some skirts! Those were the days indeed.

I love that feeling all warm from the shower freshly shaved slipping into a lacy pair of panties, doesn't take long to whip up a gooey treat to eat !

I remember finding some ruffle-butt white nylon panties in the basement cedar chest when I was a kid just goofing off. I knew I had to try them on. They were so sweet and pretty and soft, reminding me of the girls I loved so much. That was all it took!

Those panties you found were your Daddy's Hun. No prob. I call my ruffle panties my rumble britches.

What a lovely memory. The slip must have felt so delightful. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice tabltha,, I think that is how it happened for alot of us. THANK YOU MOMS

That is so nice and you are so lucky.

Very understanding mom.

That is a great story.

Awe! Such a sweet story! I had many an adventure in the laundry room!

Do tell Candice ... ;-)

Mmmmm! 4 sisters, late 60's early 70's! Minis and Go Go's! Laundry room in basement with locking door!

Yes, Candice do tell.

Great .... certainly would love to hear more, Tabitha, about when you mom did find out.

Lovely story ! Glad you found yourself and have the supprot of a loved one.