First Time Being A Woman For A Cd

Another day of writing the thoughts and feelings I have that keep me sane inside. I do remember my first time being a woman for someone else, and yes we did make love in a special way that made each of feel the inner woman inside ourselves and I can say that I do miss her a great deal that I am think about it today. It was back when I lived in Manhattan, KS and I was going to K-State, this was in 1983 or about and I was really try to be a woman and scared to go out dressed up as one and some ways it was exciting to live on the edge. Back then you wrote an ad in a single magazine and waited for a reply from them or not, yes very slow but you had time to think of questions and via the snail mail systems you would get to know them a little. Well through such a letter I meet a person called Jane, she was living by my luck in Manhattan also. We exchange few letters and on one letter she asked me if I would like to meet up and lunch somewhere. I send the reply letter the next day and could hardly wait for some to return back to me. When I did receive it I was amazed where she wanted to meet me and said that it was OK to be in drab when we meet up. So I had a lot of planning to do and had to pack a bag for the “Just in case situation”, I was hoping for something different but always planned for the best. I was nervous on the day we were to meet up and I took the day off from work, in other words playing hooky from work, but I arrived early to the restaurant that we agree aproned. I did not know what to expect or knew what to do if asked for maybe a little more privacy place, but I did not care was just too excited for what was going to happen next. Yes I was dressed in drab by nicely and had my bag in the truck for that just in case scenario, and I did wear my feminine underwear to calm me down a little, it didn’t. She was standing there in the door way looking off into space and I think she did not really see me walking up; I stood in front of the restaurant also looking off into space. Our eyes meet and she said to me “Are you waiting for someone”. I said “yes” and “her name was Jane”. She smiled at me and wink, then saying “I guess I am the one you are waiting on and I think we should go inside”. She was a little taller than me and yet had very beautiful figure to her and wore a lovely floral dress and nice black heels, looked very professional attire like a secretary. We got a table that she had reserved and stated to talk about ourselves and letting each of us know something about ourselves. I was quite taken by her and how well she presented herself to me and mesmerizing to me. We had lunch, a few small drinks, and some really good conversation about ourselves, when she asked me if I would be interested going to her place to talk some more. I agreed and paid for the lunch for the both of us. As we walk to our vehicles I notice she was still mesmerizing too me and I was almost ran into another car. It did not take long to get to her place and it was a very nice house she lived in, it was near a small city I knew and you could say maybe a farm type of house. When we arrived at her place, she asked me if I brought anything to dress up in and telling her “Yes I did”, in which I took the bag out of my truck and started to follow her to her house. As I entered the house is was so lovely and well keep up and so clean inside, it had a fresh smell to it and I also notice the perfume she was wearing too. She asked if I would like to change in something more femm and showed me a room where I could and the bathroom that was next to it, then she said to she was going to put something more comfortable on. As I open my bag I arranged the thing I want to wear on the bed and had to decide on what dress I wanted to wear and what shoes. After about thirty minutes or so and having put on a few things she stop by and asked me if I needing any help, I told her no and I would be out shortly. I decided to wear my new purple floral dress and my dress black heels with it. After dressing me when to the mirror of the bathroom and just put on some lipstick of a nice shade of red, I was not much in make-up yet but I was still learning about make-up.
When I thought I was finish and looked in the mirror I saw a young woman looking back and though I was Valorie a beautiful woman. As I entered the living room where Jane was, our eyes meet again but in a different way and somehow I felt so much as a woman I could ever be and wanted to be for her. She offer me a drink and we sat down on the sofa where began to talk about ourselves and our thoughts of be women. It was very long before she put her hand on mine and moved it to her thigh, somehow we both want each other and I can remember the kiss was so fine and yet so soft was the touch. I guess we both were moving slowly and enjoying each other company and touch each other softly. I move closer and we started kiss a little more forcibly to each other and was more open mouth but still softly, with our tongues gently touching each other mouth. Before long we were in a full embrace with each other and fondling one another to find the sweet spot of love and excited for the other. I was not just kissing another crossdresser but a lovely woman I meet just a few hours ago, that smell of floral delights and a soft touch of love with every kiss. It wasn’t long before we found each other’s love places and began fondling them and exciting each other to point of hardness and fulfillment of passion. I don’t know if she asked me or was I who stood up and stood in front of her and feeling her hands go under my dress and touch me in a way that so wonderful. All I know my panties were coming off and I could feel her hand on my clitty, just squeezing it softly and a gently pulling on it, it was remarkable and my clitty grew so hard for her. I gently lifted my dress and slip so that she could have a better view and could give it a soft kiss, that was not the case, she grab it and forced into her mouth and began the lovely sucking you could imagine and the feeling of tongue moving with the lips I almost busted a nut right there, I was in heaven. She suck me for a good long time and using her soft hand to message the clitty too, I could take much more of it told her I was about ready to *** and she told to go ahead and do it in her mouth. That’s all it took and with a few more strokes of her hand and mouth I came like I never did before, It must have filled her mouth and yet she never spilled a drop of it; just smiled at me and swallowed. She clean me up by licking my clitty and making sure she got ever drop of *** out. I was feeling like I was on a cloud and swimming with thoughts of pleasure, but I slowly calmed down and smiled at her and said it was her turn of fun and pleasure.
She sat back into the sofa and told me I could do anything I wanted to her, but I just on my knees and started to kiss her thigh and slowly moved up where she lifted her leg on to the sofa to give me a better view and the wonderful site of seeing her lacey pink panties. I could see she was so excited and her clitty was so hard and the precum was showing through her panties, all I could do is move down between her crouch area and kiss her clitty her panties and taste a little of the precum that was showing. I place my tongue where the precum was and tasted this very sweet and salty juice the was so intoxicating and made me feel so wonderful, before long I was sucking her precum panties and try to get to her clitty through them, she help me by going ahead and pulling the panties off and there was the clitty standing hard and waiting for me to begin sucking it and stroking. This was the first time I have ever had another male genital, but at the time I was in love with this woman and wanted to please her by any means I could. I started by kissing it the I move to slowly putting it into my mouth and sucking on it, it was different but I knew where the spot of pleasure were and tantalize it with my tongue and giving it a smooth sucking up and down. Before long all I could do was suck and stroke it and could hear her moan with pleasure and excitement, she put her hands on my head and started to stroke her clitty with my head while I sucked and stroked her, I also was fondling her nuts with my other hand trying to keep everything in the same pattern. In a short while I heard her say was about ready to *** and wanted me to swallow every bit of it, and yes I was so much in passion with her I could feel her swell and then without notice there was this spurt and the a stream of *** filling my mouth, it was salty and was warm inside my mouth, but I started to swallow her *** and could feel her pumping motion of her clitty in my mouth, I thought it was never going to stop. I looked up to her and there she was smiling at me again, she reaches down to me and pulled me up to her and we kissed with very passionate kiss sharing her *** with her. She laid back and I went back to her clitty and began cleaning it with my tongue making sure I got ever drop of her love. We both sat there on the sofa like we had both been through a whirlwind of passion making and I could do is look at her and say wow let’s do that again.

More to *** later…..
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If you keep writing stories like this I will have to change my diaper. I've made another mess in it

wow, An amazing story....

perfect my dear i wish one day have Ep like yours i wish and i must have and later you stay in contact with her kisssssssssss