Worst Experience Ever

I was wearing a white dress, white bra and white cotton panties with red trim and black heels. I was walking down the street and two boys came out of an ally and picked me up and tossed me into a van. There was a sex machine bolted to the floor and they started taking my clothes off and relalized im really a boy. then got mad and stapled my **** to the floor. While I'm on all fours in the van tied up with my **** staples to the floor. I couldn't move then they put this ***** on the machine and pressed it against my *** until it forced its way into me. It felt like it was ripping Me in half. It was 10inches thick and it forced its way and I couldn't scream because I had a gag **** in my mouth that was 1ft long atleast and the forced it down my throat to
o. I was stuck like this for 17 1/2 hours while they stayed at a hotel and left me in the
van in the parking lot. I passed out after the 17 hours and i dont actually know how long i was stuck like this. When i woke up I was laying naked in a wide open field so I could hardly walk and my *** and **** was killing me .I was found by this couple 9 or 10 hours later.
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Quite a fantasy loverboy!

This really happened and it was really painful