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Oh My God ...

That is an interesting question. Thinking back I remember when I was around 10 sneaking into my mom's closet and slipping on a pair of her black high heel pumps. I had never felt anything so incredible in my life. They gave me tingles. Over the years I managed to "borrow" a few pair of her silk stockings (I kept the stockings hidden in my room. Even as a young child I was bigger than my mom and clearly stretched them out.) Any time I was left home alone I would slip those on and make my way to the closet to walk around and enjoy the feeling.

The first time I was fully cross dressed was in my late 20s ... it was a role switching party and I absolutely loved it. I knew then that I was in trouble ... one of my life long fetishes turned out to be even more fun than I could have imagined.

I still dress today although not as much. I really want to look better than I do but don't have the patience to take hours applying make up or the money to buy expensive corsets and body shapers. So I do enjoy the feel of silk and satin on my body and dress enough to get my engine going but not nearly as often as I would like to.
DianeTomas DianeTomas 56-60 10 Responses Nov 4, 2012

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It is lovely to wear silky lingerie, I have done it for over 50 years now.

I hear you. I have no sisters, and I have girl cousins, but I didn't grow up near them. I started "dressing up" when I was over thirty. I wear in very good shape from running and working out, so I could fit into a lot of cute stuff. But the hair and the clothes are just a pain in the ***, and are too time intensive. I like clothes I can just pop into; sun dresses, slacks, short-shorts, and ballet flats.

Just enjoy the time you have when dressed, enjoy the clothing and the sensations associated, the memory will keep you going until the next time.

I to don't always have the opportunity to fully express my feminine sissy side. But I sure love it when I do :)

Good for you, Diane. It sounds like your femme side hooked you, like mine did me but a little earlier, when I was 6.

L think you look 4 sum 1 in 50s

I sure can relate. Too bad we can't dress the way we want to. Yet, real women can wear whatever they want and not have to explain why or justify to others why they wear what they do. I don't pass, never will, but I love the feeling of wearing feminine clothing under my everyday clothes.

You and me both... I don't have the funding either- though I would make the time if I could .... I want to be feminized by one or more girls / women and full on make up hair .... right down to the high heels.... So neck down I am pretty comfortable with my collection of garments ( outer / under) , walking in heels provided they are the correct fit... I hate heel slip form shoes too big or pain from toes too pointy ... :p
But my next challenge is to get / give hand job , blow job, *** *******... I have been searching for the opportunity for few months now and am frustrated by the lack of interesting / quality partners out there --- of course I'm not looking in the most desirable places either ( I know ) ... but come on ... these boys are less than interesting - they are a turn OFF... sorry boys, not interested.
I did one day meet and start chatting with a very nice gal at that same snake hole of a n adult video store - her name was Christina ...she settled my nervousness and accompanied me to a booth... and sucked my woody until I came in the condom. It was soo much better than my own hand job- but I wanted more... I wanted her to deep throat me and fondle me , my ballls , maybe stick a finger in my boi **** ..etc.... AND I wanted to return the favor .. many times over...
I haven't gone back yet - to seek her out and continue my new experiences.... :p

And thousands of us are nodding our heads in familiar recognition of your story :-)

Dido. I would love to go to a beauty salon and get the whole make over make up manicure with long fake nails and a pedicure as well.