I Was Thrilled With The Experience.

I was about 14 years old and when I got home from school I decided I had to try on some of my Mother's clothes as she was busy in the garden and would be out of the house for at least an hour.
So I ******** off quickly and the first thing I tried on was a pale blue silky nightie and as soon as dropped past my little man he stood to attention, it was great sensation.
Next I slid on a pair of silk panties a bit big but again a lovely sensation and I thought these are far better than my boys underpants and I decided that day I would wear knickers as much as possible and now in my 20's I wear silk knickers every day and will never wear anything else.
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Great story....sounds rxciting. I tried on friends moms clothes while they was at church n I was asleep. Thas why I did cotton n soft fabric tho cute lingerie is nice too

Yes they feel so much better than men's underpants. The and the fit are perfect. I too started by wearing my moms and sisters panties then when my mom caught me she bought me some of my own. I Also sleep in a nightgown every night.

I like wearing silky knickers

Our house hold consisted of my mom, my sister and me. I just have one sibling. My dad died when I was 13 months old.

Good for you hun

All boys seem to be a bit curious of girls knickers silky ones, why???????

It is such a sensuous feeling almost to hard to explain, but I love wearing everything it's such a thrill to feel what the other half feels!

The silkier the better, lovely against the balls.

because they are lovely and WONDERFUL!

I was and I couldn't resist them. I put them on and was hooked

Girls have a far bigger choice of colours and materials.

A joy to wear nice silky lingerieas it stirs the **** up.

They just feel so good

I would say it is a delightful experience.

Now I know why.

We have a great choice of fabrics and colours and I know that is what you like about them plus off course the silky feeling on your thingy.

Perfectly put

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That is a great story but, like Melodie, I too suspect that your mom knew you were wearing her knickers. So when did you start buying your own knickers?

When I go a job at 17 and started buying my own.

Spot on ... and I bet your mom was glad to have all her knickers back!

She did not get them all back as I kept some of my favourites.

I started doing this when I was about 10 and thought this is great wearing big silky knickers, I think my Mother had an inkling that I was wearing her knickers but she never said anything.
I have now been wearing silk knickers for about 40 years.