The Gown That Was Too Big

Our next door neighbor had all daughters, the youngest of whom was my age. We played together a lot. Sometime when I was 5 or 6, we went to their playroom that was below ground level. There was either a trunk or closets that contained long gowns. We got them out and played with them. Although I was wearing pants, I’ll never forget the sensation of having a dress pulled on.. the feeling of the fabric swirling around my legs. It was amazing! If I hadn’t felt girly before (unlikely), I was sold from that point forward. I wanted to keep the dress on so badly. In those very young years I didn't know what I was feeling as I played with and fantasized over girls clothes and having my hair in curlers.
As I grew older, I began to discretely venture into mom's lingerie drawer and borrow slips in particular.
I am embarrassed to admit that the first item of age appropriate lingerie was a very short half slip of the girl across the street (Jenny from my basketball and pleated kilt story and the owner of the Barbie Queen of the Prom game from another story).  She had a brother my age.  When I went to their house one afternoon, I realized no one was home but the house was open.  Somehow I got the nerve to go in and go upstairs to his sister's room.  She was a year older and than us and cute.  
Why the half slip came home inside my pants I'm not sure, but I wore it afterwards every private moment I got, usually under the soft tartan robe I pretended was my girl's kilt.
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Kimmi you were such a naught girl, but it sounds like you had fun.

Nita, I became comfortable with myself by the time I was 14. I never could find a way to open up and share with a girl, though. Fun- oh yes! I was happy as a boy but loved my girl time as well.

You were quite fortunate to have the young girl next door. Did you get another opportunity to take the trunk out again while playing with her?

I so wish! But no, it was a one time thrill. and one that I will never forget. Many of my fantasies as a boy afterwards centered on being dressed at their house, by the daughters and by the mom. And their curling my hair. I was far more girly and sissy than any girl I knew (although thes girls were right up there). I wanted everything that many girls resisted- frilly, lacy panties, sissy petticoats, slips, hair ribbons, party dresses with puffed sleeves and bows, frilly nighties, curlers, and more. And my neighbor's daughters were all so feminine. One of my dreams/ fantasies was that I became the fourth daughter and became the beneficiary of wonderful dresses, skirts, petticoats and other lingerie.

Have yoy found the frilly dresses as an adult and bought them to wear to fulfil your fantasy?

To some extent. I have three very nice petticoats and one pair of pettipants. The petticoats always remind me of the thought of growing up as that cute girly girl. It's fun to dream!

It sure is fun to dream. Have you looked at a shop that carries square dance dresses for the petticoats? They may carry something along the line of what you are looking for.

Vintage clothing stores have been a good place. I am reluctant to shop in town now for fear of disclosure (a petticoat, for goodness sake), but like to do so when traveling. New York City was ideal for finding petticoats that my young inner girl Iadored. I can't help it- I really like frilly. Always have, always will.

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There is nothing better than silk materials next to the skin.

I thoroughly concur!