Walking To Church

I remember my first time very clearly. I was about 7 years old and my mother and sisters and I wear getting ready for church. Being a young boy, All of my underwear were dirty because I haden't put them into the laundry basket to get washed. When I told my mother I had no underwear, that I had to wear dirty ones, She freacked out and said "NO!, Go get a pair of your sisters underwear and wear them!" I fought it at first, them I went int my sisters rooms to look for underwear. I have 4 sistes so I had plenty to choose from. I remember looking through their drawers and feeling there underwear. My older sister had a pair of light blue silky panties that I liked the feel of. So those I put on. Then the last thing I remember is we were walking down the road the 5 blocks or so to church and my mother told me "stop walking so funnie because someone is going to know you have your sisters panties on!" I was walking and swinging my hips alot because I could feel those silky panties rubbing my legs and butt. This was well before I knew about anything sexual about panties, way before I even learned how to **********. I didn't learn that till about 13 and started wearing my sisters bras at night to bed and I started to mimik the jesture that I had seen at school. When I first figured out that it ment to stroke my ****, I tried it and was addicted from the start! I think that is a story for a  different group.
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Well I think you can thank your Mom for introducing you to how nice it is to wear panties, and your sisters for providing them! ;-)

Great story and girls silky panties are far better than boys ones.