First Time, Caught By Mom

My mom knew I crossdressed, or suspected it anyway. I had been hiding old dresses of my sisters in my closet for a couple of years. Mom never asked me about them, thinking it was a phase. I'm not sure she thought I was trying them on or what, she never did tell me. When I was 13, I set my hair with about 35 brush rollers and put on a dress that zipped up the back (unaware that the zipper had gotten stuck in a piece of fabric). I also had a pair of panty hose and the only shoes that fit me.
My mom came home from shopping when I was sitting in the front room watching TV. I didn't hear her until the kitchen door opened - the only way to my bedroom was past my mother. I panicked and just stood there, frozen with fear as my mother walked into the room.
She smiled and said, "I was wondering when I'd catch you at this?" I couldn't speak. She asked me if I was okay and I just nodded.
Then sit for a minute and we'll talk she said. She told me she'd known about the dresses for a while now and wanted to wait to see how long they would be there. She was very understanding, but made it clear there would be no secret dressing as a girl. If I was going to dress, I could at home.
My mother had advanced degrees in social work and was well versed in this issue. She wanted me to wear the dress at home for the rest of the day, which I did. My older sister knew as well and while she didn't like it or understand it as well as my mother, she was okay with it, eventually. From that point on, she made me wear a dress around the house after dinner - what she said was, either I'll commit to it, or I'll get tired of it and never want to do it again. I just got more comfortable with it.
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I Love this story! You're mom sounds so sweet and your sister too. I'm so glad they gave you that opportunity to dress as you liked with no judging or punishment. I wish more mom's were like that!
Have fun sweetie and thanks for sharing this story with us!

it must have been so sweet to have such a wonderful mother & Sister

Your mum is pure gold! And your sister is gold also! I hope they are well, after all this time!!

Such a fortunate girl to have a mother that open and honest in your upbringing.I suspect my mother knew but, she never let on. Your mother knew where you should land.

Lovely story. I would have loved to sit down with my mom, I am sure she knew...we just never had that chat.

Thanks Brenda, she was something else...I miss her so much.

Cool mom, Mary Beth, and she definitely used a good approach. So I'm sure you started spending more time at home dressed and I would be interested in hearing how your sister became okay with it, eventually, as you said.

Great story. Looking forward to reading more of your "adventures".

Nice story. Welcome to EP, Mary Beth! We look forward to more.