First Time In Public

My mom, who had an advance degree in social work, was "cautiously supportive" when she first caught me cross dressing. She wanted me to wear a dress around the house as often as possible. The thinking seemed to be, get it out in the open and either I'll get tired of it, or whatever thrill I was getting would go away. Either way, she knew that keeping it secret was a mistake.
My birthday is July 8 and summer vacation had just begun. She'd been allowing me to wear a dress around the house, and all my dresses were old ones from my older sister (who by now, had become accepting of my cross dressing. We were going to drive to my Aunt's house in Cleveland (about a three hour drive) and spend a couple of weeks. So that morning, my mom had me open my presents. I was a stunned and a little embarrassed when the first box I opened was a dress. I was a perfect size and there were a pair of shoes to match. My sister gave me a new purse. They thought I should at least have one new dress. Then my mom told me we were going to the beauty salon before leaving for my Auntie Sue's. We had a 10am appointment. She wanted me to spend the entire two weeks dressing as a girl. My aunt Sue knew what was happening, and my two cousins, Ann and Margie knew as well. They were fine with it, my mom said.
I was not thrilled about this, not at first anyway. I didn't look like a girl was my main complaint.
But I got dressed in my new dress, pantyhose, shoes and my new purse. My mom also gave me a collection of makeup that they'd use when we were at the beauty shop.
At the beauty shop, they were very nice to me, even though I looked like a boy in a dress. My hair was longish, just down to my collar, but they assured me it was long enough. I got my hair trimmed, set in curlers and then they combed it out. The nice woman also did my makeup. I wasn't allowed to look in the mirror until they were done. She put foundation on, then brushed pressed powder and blush on, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. Then she did my lips. When she was done, my sister and mother were there and looked at me. They couldn't believe how good I looked. Then they turn the chair so I could see myself.
I was stunned. I looked like a girl. I really looked like a girl. The lady who did my hair suggested I get highlights, but that would be later.
I couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror. After stopping at another place to get our nails done, I was a bit more excited about this two weeks of living as a girl.
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You are so lucky you got a cool mom and sis i wish i could do that.

What a beautiful story. Only wish I would have had a mom and sister that understanding

That's awesome that your mom let you have that experience. I hope to e as understanding as your mom when and if the time comes. Children should always come first and I hope to be a source of encouragement for my children, no atter what makes them happy. Kudos!

Thank you so much - mom was awesome. So too was my sister and most of my extended family.

I wish I had been your cousin and could have joined in the fun growing up! Look forward to more of your stories.

Thanks, Kim. My cousins have become best friends and it started that summer. I got to be in Margie's wedding about 6 years later and it was a wonderful experience.