Two Weeks At My Aun't's House, Living As Mary Beth

I don't know where else to share this but here. It's about spending two weeks at my Aunt's house in Cleveland, as a 14 year old girl. It was my mother's idea, with the intent of having me get my cross dressing into the open, which as I've thought about it, was a smart move.
When we got to my aunt's house, I had three hours to think about it. The only clothes we'd packed for me were the dresses I'd been hanging onto that once belonged to my older sister.
We pulled into the driveway and Ann and Margie came running out. They knew I'd be dressed as a girl and couldn't wait to see me. We'd always been close and they were my favorite relatives to visit.
I got out of the car and really loved the feel of the dress across my pantyhose. They stopped, looked at me and gave me a big hug. They were excited about having a new cousin.
We talked about "my" decision to dress as a girl for the vacation. My Aunt shared with me later, in private, that she knew the idea of living as a girl for the two weeks was my mom's idea and she thought it was a good one. Plus, she thought I looked great as a girl and wanted me to know I had her support if I decided to continue as "Mary Beth".
The two weeks were spent visiting the sights (Rock and Roll HOF hadn't been built yet), but we did get to a few baseball games, time on the waterfront, and the beach. I was able to use my cousin's one piece swim suit and learned for the first time the problem of my anatomy vs. my cousin's anatomy, but I got it worked out.
We all got our hair done at the beauty shop they usually go to and I got my hair highlighted for the first time. The lady at the salon had no idea I was actually a boy, or if she did, she didn't let on.
The two weeks were spent just as if I was a girl. We tried different makeup (which I enjoyed learning more about how to wear it), trying on other clothes and shopping. I ended up buying 2 more dresses while I was there. Margi told me, near the end of our visit, the she hoped I kept being Mary Beth, as it really seemed to suit me. I told her I probably wouldn't and she seemed sad at this. But I told her that it seemed likely that any time she saw me from now on, I'd be dressed as Mary Beth. This made her happy, through I wasn't too sure of it at the time. (BTY, since then, Margi has not seen me dressed as a man. It's kind of become a "tradition", we go to Cleveland and I have to go as a woman.)
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What a family you have! I would have loved to have had such a family! But you have had such a good start to your life dressing..

What a great experience! Four of my favorite activities too- dressing as a teenager, getting my hair done at a salon, going to baseball games (the Indians weren't too good then, sorry Mary Beth) and the beach. I love the way you write- the reader can put himself (herself?) in your position.

Cleveland lost all the games we went to. But the sundress I wore them helped get the right tan.

Now I am really envious!

That is great, Mary Beth, and your mom is a smart woman ... and your Aunt Margi too. Those two weeks, to test the water so to speak, and find out if the feminine fit you ... well obviously it did and still does.

Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm glad she did this, it's why I am so much of a woman now.

You're welcome Mary Beth. Yes, no doubt that during those two weeks not only get to explore and enjoy the feminine within you, but your aunt, your cousin and your mom too got to see it now brought out how well the female within you fit.