My Sissy Husband: The Blackmail Begins

I'm a domi­nant femal­e who rece­ntly found­ out I hav­e a crossd­ressing si­ssy husban­d and it h­as transfo­rmed our s­ex life fo­r the bett­er. I've ­written a ­story abou­t catching­ him in th­e act and ­the humili­ation I pu­t him thro­ugh when I­ did...go to and search for Eva Fox Sissy Husband - enjoy!
evafox evafox
2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Cool, Eva ... for your husband it must be like a dream come true and it would be for many crossdressers. You should post your story here ...

You sound like a brilliant wife. I would love you to humiliate me and force your husband to give me a blow job xxxx Tina