Hi, I'm Mary Beth's Sister, Janet

MBs shown me the stories she's written an when we went shoping yesterday, all she talked about was this site. she asked me to tell something about her when she was young, or whatever - i'm thinking on the fly so forgive me if its a bit disjointed.

When she first got caught by mom and i saw wher with the hair curlers in, i was angry about it, to say the least. i knew she had some of my old dresses in her closet but really ddin't think it was anything like it turned out to be. BUt as I think about it, i was angry because i was afraid of what people would think about me. i guess i kinda dwelled on that for months, but after we spent a couple weeks at my aunt Anns in Cleveland, and i saw her living as a girl and how happy she was, and how our cousins were so good about it, it started to change my mind.

i really wasn't too kind to her at first, calling her a sissy and things like that. but when we got back home, i figured out i shouldn't be worried about what other people think about her, what i shold be thinking about is what MB things about me.

i was so happy for her when she decided to live as a woman when high school got out. she and my mom got a lawyer and went to court to get her name legallyc hanged. i was already working at a bank and she went to college - i think she was intent on college because it put off her having to find a job as a girl, and she'll probably agree with this. but then she graduated.

then, believe it or not, she ogt a job at the same bank i'd been working at since highschool. i was proud of her - she had this degree in economics and was going to do good at the bank. i've been in customer relations for years and its nice having your little ssiter working at the same place.

i was as upset as anyone when she decided to stop livng as a woman, but later i was happy that she was getting married. i know i keep calling her "she" and 'her" and "my sister", and i can't really bring my self to call her my brother, or use a he or him with her. MB's a girl, I mean, she still wears makeup every day. even her wife uses she and her for MB.

i think shes planning on dressing as a woman more again. yesterrday at Pennys, she bought 5 new outfits. (oh, they had a lot of panties on sale and we all went crazy buying them). her wife thinks she should. she got breast implants 9not sure if i should say that but based on what shes already said what harm can it do?) when she was 21, only a b cup and shes kept them. were going to carabas tomorrow night and she said shes going as a woman, so i'm looking forward to it.

its funny, i think. i was so upset when she first started wearing my old dresses around the house. now i'm lookng forward to going out with her and her wife to dinner, with her in one of her new outfits. shes so much more fun as a woman - a nice "guy" but my best friend as a woman.

take it as you find it, learn from it, and grow, that's my motto.
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Wow, what amazing sisters you two turned out to be. I'm so happy for you both and wish you the best!! You're both very lucky ladies!

Well what a sister you turned out to be! You are fantastic!!

Thank you Janet for the understanding and supportive efforts you made in Mary Beths journey. I have an older sister, although I was never able to wear her things as she was smaller frame then I, she would never have been as accepting as you have become.

Your very lucky to have such a loving and supportive sister.

Nice story from sis! It's obvious how much she loves you, Mary Beth.
From your initial stories, it seemed your family was special. Even when you said your sister was difficult at the outset, I could tell things evolved over time.
Moms are always important. But having a sister who loves you and accepts you, and becomes a close girlfriend, you are so fortunate.

That is a wonderful story, Janet, and it fills in the part about you as your sis and your reactions too. Thanks for adding it and sharing.

Thanks, Lee. You know better than most how important it is to have that support.