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My First Time In Daylight.

Since my wife left I had been dressing up and going out while it was dark, but I had never gone out during the day, this was about to change. I had a day off work and I had finished all the jobs I had to do, so I washed and dressed up. Then I had a little balcony fun. My balcony was second floor so even the lightest of breezes was strong enough to blow up a light skirt. I stood out there as people walked past down in the ally way, some looked up but most didn’t even know I was there. It got around 4,45 in the afternoon and I was getting bored with my balcony, so I thought about it a bit and went into my bedroom to change. It was almost 5 o’clock that means that the shops and offices near town would be closing, so there would be a lot of people about to blend in to. I looked through the wardrobe and found a black skirt suit, of which underneath I had on a padded out bra, a white button up blouse. Down the lower half I had on black panties and almost black, hold up stockings on my feet I had my black suede shoes with the three inch heels. My wig was a long brunette and I had subtle make-up on. I left my flat and went down to my car, I then proceeded to drive down to the town and I was going to park in the car park and walk through the shopping area, but as I drove along the coast road, a dare can into my head, I parked in a parking spot right on the coast road, I got out the car and went round to the trunk, I opened it and pretended to look for something by leaning in, as I lent in my skirt rode up at the back exposing my stocking tops to the passing drivers. I got car horns beeping me, one after the other.
I then got back into my car and drove to the main car park, once there I got out and it was now raining, luckily I had an umbrella in the car so I walked towards the shops with this umbrella up. This proved good in one way, but bad in another. The good way was I was hiding my face from all the people walking past me, but the bad point was my hold up stockings were starting to slip down and they were showing below my skirt. I had to duck into a shop door way and pull them both up before continuing on my way. I think I must have walked about for almost an hour, in daylight with busy people and my stockings playing havoc with me. That was the first time I went out dressed in daylight.
Katy X
FAIRLANE1 FAIRLANE1 46-50, M 4 Responses Jan 25, 2013

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You are on the way to more fun than imaginable, keep using that adventurous spirit. Just be careful and stay safe. And take it from bought experience use your camera. Pictures I should have taken are now only in my memory and that can't be shared or reviewed with the same accuracy. Memories tend to be slanted one way or the other!

I went out once at dusk parked the car and watched a young lady walking down the street toward a bank so I parked and walked into a bank debit machine hoping to kind of meet and see her and content on how beautiful she looked. I took out some cash out but the lady never came in or passed by. I was disappointed but I did notice a guy watching me the whole time. I had on 4 inch heels, mini shirt and pantyhose. My best asset I believe are my legs. It was a fun night. Please consider adding me as a friend.

That is wonderful! Hope you have more courage to do this more often now!

Your story seems similar to mine. I started a little younger, before I was old enough to drive. I started going out in the snow and rain because I thought there would be less people on the street and I could use an umbrella to hide my face. I still do the leaning into the car boot thing :-)

Oh I love that 'oh I need to look in my boot and in thus breeze too' moments!!


Esp. if keys are combination locked to a chain at the back of the boot and I need to spend 20 min trying all the possible combinations ;-)