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It was a 18 Friday in December 1970, when I was a young girl circa of 20 years old, I was to in my first-year on the University. At that time I had access to the apartment of a family friend, she call Rina. All the weekend, Rina go to my home (family home). The my family home is located in the north of the Mexico City, while Rina lived in the south of the Mexico City. This gave me the opportunity that Friday in the night, was at my disposal the Rina's clothing, dresses, blouses and skirts, no shoes because my feet had grown. About three months before that beautiful 18 Friday, I had received from my older brother his car.

Of course I was happy when my brother gave me the keys, but I had to make some repairs. As a good student, I received money from my mom every day, for bus and lunch. Of this money, I saved a one part for 10 months to buy a wig, shoes, dress, underwear and cosmetics. But now I had to split my money, one part to fix the car and over to buy my female equipment. The wig was essential, as well as underwear and high heels, as none of the women I knew wore the same size as me. And secondly, my car urgently needed a tuning and changing a suspension part that cost me a lot of money. Only remain pending two repair. If the car was stopped for more than an hour, the engine not runs, had to put some gas in the carburetor and push the car.
Being the car in conditions of use, I decided that the following Friday after leaving the classroom at the University, would go to buy my high heels.

Continue: with the adventure to buy my high heels.
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I will be looking forward to reading more, Fernanda.

I promise that next week publish, as I bought my high heels!
I send a kiss