My First Time....

I don't have an opinion about this. I was forced to crossdress at the age of 7 by a 20 something year old neighbor who got sexually excited by me in red lipstick and a skirt; and as injustice would have it, he took my anal virginity as well and never got caught for it. This happened more than 2 decades ago and I've since come to terms with it all.

I went through periods of considering myself straight; I had severe sexual identity issues all throughout high school and college. I'm very attracted to women, but I've found myself gravitating to feminity in general... I love passable crossdressers, transexuals, hermaphrodites, and biologically sound women.

I guess you could say that I am tri-sexual, but at the very least I'm very comfortably open to my bisexuality; I just don't do masculine men; unfortunately my experience as a 7 year old child makes me a little uncomfortable around men with body/facial hair, arrogant attitudes, and aggressive posturing; so masculine men are definately out.

Today I'm with a woman whom I'm merely testing the waters with. She and I claim to love each other but in a manner of speaking I'd consider it lustful thinking at this point; that isn't to say love can't develop but our relationship is very stressful except when we're deeply involved in pleasuring each other.

She is the first dual sexed person I've ever been with; yes a hermaphrodite. I find it rather exciting to see her ********* from both her female and male parts. I also get twice the pleasure out of being with her. She looks very much like a woman, blonde hair, blue eyes, nice firm breasts... but she is very assertive and controlling in bed very much like a man and I'm finding I enjoy that side a lot.

She loves it when I wear panties, theigh-highs, mini-skirts, body stockings, and wear my hair down (I'm very passable with a feminine haircut and it drives her wild - I'm shaved and smooth all over and my skin is very soft and feminine). While I can pass for a man or woman; out of the bedroom she prefers I strut my male side, but behind closed doors she likes me on my knees.

We have an open relationship, we're actually looking for a third (maybe fourth) to have as a permanent girlfriend and possible crossdressing/transgendered gurlfriend... she enjoys watching me have sex with other people and we're looking for a close-knit group of a maximum of 4 to start a really big family with.

So going back on topic, crossdressing can be very erotic and it can turn a lot of people off even in todays society where being gay in most areas is not only popular but has also become a sort of status symbol. People in general are ******** with no regard for compassion or empathy anymore. I hate having to keep my crossdressing behind closed doors, but thats the way of life I guess until people can get their heads out of their arses and just accept it.

On a side note: you'd all be surprised at how common this practice is among people you'd least expect it: doctors, lawyers, athletes, policemen, firemen, paramedics... I mean crossdressing does run the gambit of professionals. In addition there are more people today accepting of it than ever before so just be yourselves.

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That's great that you've come to grips with that ugly situation you had growing up with that neighbour boy.
But now it is exciting to hear that you are dating a gal who not only understands but it sounds like the two of you, like my wife and me are finding your pretty compatable together, sharing the feminine. That's great ...

I think more men are wearing silky knickers than ever before, it is even noticeable on EP.