The Buy Of High Heels

This is the continuation of my first day out the door.

One day when I left school afternoon, I go into my new car to buy go to high heels.

In Hermitage Avenue have a section of shops that selling shoes.

I was only 10 dollars to buy my shoes (in 1970, in Mexico, prices of commodities were under respect to U.S.). I had thought that I would put a blue skirt from my friend Rina, so I decided to buy some high heels blue.

After two hours of searching I found a small shoe shop tucked in an alley. Upon entering the store, I felt very cozy.

I began to see the shoes in the shop window. My view "walked" slowly over all shoes, until I saw them, were blue with a heel of 2 inches, and the better, is the cost, only two dollars over my budget, that was 10 dollars. I decided to buy them.

I head to the counter with woman salesperson. I was very nervous, as it was the first time I bought an article with a female salesperson. I had bought female underwear, but in department stores, where shopping is impersonal.

Suddenly I felt scared and decided to leave the store. As he passed through the door, I heard the voice of Miss seller telling me: How can I server you?

At these words, I had no choice but to turn around and walking to Miss seller. At that moment I felt that my face is red and my temperature was 40ºC (104ºF)

These are the original shoes.

I stood in front of her and did not can come out of my mouth no words, my fear stopped me. Then she asked if I wanted to buy some shoes, with a very sweet voice. Those words reassured me a bit and I said yes, his voice low. She smiled and told me not to give me shame, many men buy shoes for his wife, mothers or daughters. Then she asked me, For whom are? I I said, to my girlfriend. Please show me, what shoes like? Asked me the woman salesperson. I said, are blue shoes with a bow in front, are in the shop-window, you come here and to teach you. She asked me what number fits your girlfriend? I told him I really did not know what it was, but I told her that once she put my sneakers and walked very comfortable all day. Then she asked me, what is your shoes size? I replied that twenty five (6.5 USA). She reached down and pulled a typical shoe box, when opened, I saw a gleaming glow, were those beautiful shoes (of course, the glow only I saw it I, jiji). I was watching them, seemed to hesitate size. Then the Miss seller asked me, why not try them? Immediately my face is red, she told me, stop by and try on, no one will see and so be sure, that your girlfriend it will have the correct size.  All I did so automatically and until I heard his voice, I wondered: is good the shoes? Then told him that slightly tight, then she said will be well when your girlfriend they put their stockings,  will be perfect.

I wonder if I wanted the gift wrap, I said yes. I took my 100 pesos (12 dollars, approximately) and pay bill. Miss seller walked me to the door and as I walked away he said goodbye to me with his hand.


Taking the shoe box with pink bow, turned around to say goodbye to the most loving and caring lady, we said goodbye and she smiled for helping a boy in trouble.

But she never knew the great help gave me, besides shoes, with that adventure I realized that a man can easily buy things from women without the slightest problem.

These are my shoes, now.


As spent more than an hour to turned off the engine of my car, I had to get petrol, in the tank, with a hose and put it in the carburetor, save everything and pushed the car, the engine is on now.

Finally I got in the car and I held the urge, carefully unwrap my gift and put on my shoes, accelerated the car and drove to my house with a great satisfaction also operating the pedals with beautiful blue slippers.

In the next week, I will publish the adventure to buy my wig.

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FernandaDelMar FernandaDelMar
61-65, F
Feb 8, 2013