My Helping Mom!

I was 14 years old and my dad was away for two weeks and it was just me and my mom. On the second day we were sitting inside on a rainy day bored. We were try to think of something to do when she said try make me laugh but without saying anything. Now at this time I was considering crossdressing as I always wanted to try it so I said ok ill be down in ten minutes! So I went upstairs and went into her room and pulled out matching bra and panties, stockings, a leather mini skirt and a white blouse with black pokadots. I put them all on and then went into the bathroom and applied foundation, mascara and lipstick. I put on a blonde wig that just went past my shoulders and the a pair of black 5 inch heels. I then made my way downstairs by walking on my toes not to make any sounds with the heels and opened the kitchen door and walked in and stood in front of my mom. Her jaw dropped! "Oh my god!", She looked me up up and down and began to giggle. She didn't say very much but after a while told me to sit down and she began to talk serious. "I have a feeling you really like this, don't you?" Shocked at the question I stuttered and just made out "how?". "Well the bulge down there gives it away"
Since then she has dressed me up and bought me clothes and all kinds of girly things! We've grown closer and after my parents split up and we moved away I live as a girl full time!
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That's such a sweet story! I'm glad you have such an awesome Mom!

Good for you and your mother!

Sounds like a dream

Great mom ...

Your mom sounds so wonderful!