I Still Remember My First Crush

I was in the 1st grade and he was in the 6th grade (when 6th grade was still part of elementary school) - I can't remember his name but I remember what he looked like - he was tall, had darkbrown hair, and had deep chocolate brown eyes - actually  he kinda looked like a young version of  Orlando bloom.

We rode the same bus to school and my friend and I would always go to the back, because that is where he and his friend sat - (my friend liked his friend too). So one day we got it in our heads to draw pictures for them, to show that we liked them.

We were so proud, and the next day we would give them the picture (my face is turning red now - wondering why on earth did we think a drawn picture would impress them -lol).

Well My friend gave her picture to her crush first - (ULTIMATE FAIL) He started joking on her and passing the picture around to the rest of his friends - they were all laughing. So now I realize this is not such a good idea and shrink in my seat - but just then my friend yells " Well, my friend made a picture too for "so and so" and yanks it out of my hand and gives it to him and they start bustin' out laughing again - then he throws my picture on the ground and gets off the bus (by this time we were at his stop). I never spoke to him after that I was just to embarrased to,but  he was still easy on the eyes though.
SukYoung SukYoung
26-30, F
Nov 10, 2010