I Was 9 Years Old

It makes me giggle as I think about it, how innocent moments like that once were.

I was 9 years old at the time, in Grade 4, in a small class. He had blond hair and green eyes, I seem to remember that much. He played the werewolf in the silly little Halloween play that we were in, his growl was so prepubescent! I had a crush on him, and he had a crush on me. I don't seem to remember much ever happening, after all, we were only 9!

I do remember one time though, he invited me to come watch one of his hockey games. I seemed to remember he played left wing. My Dad came along, and I didn't want him standing by me. He scored a goal that day, and when we met in class the next day he told me he scored that goal for me. Of course I giggled, and it makes me giggle now! How innocent!

The irony of it, his name is the same name as one of the rookies in the NHL right now, lighting it up as one of the top rookies this year! Still makes me giggle!
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That's true!

When I was 9 girls had cooties.

LOL I know! Especially with a girl watching! It must have been memorable for me too, because I remember that he scored it from the left side as he was coming down the left wing, which makes me believe he played left wing! lol The things I remember...