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Ok.. 9th grade crush.
I was 14. She was 14. We used to be in the same class in the academy. I didn't notice her beautiful hair and lips and so on until i overheard her from the next room commenting on my clothes one day after which she and her friends started laughing.

Now that was serious. I started wearing better clothes. BUT I got back on her on the Independence day when she was wearing clothes the colour of the flag.. Ha!

During those two years, she and her friends would throw their sandals in front of us as part of their many truth and dare games, and then walk one shoed to get them back, she would laugh at my jokes during the birdflu days, i started getting dreams about her, the phones started getting smarter, i started getting waves of pimples, she started wearing dupattas, our teachers would forever compare mine and hers handwritings, tests, etc as we were better than other students.
But she was more intelligent.

Last time i saw her it was three years ago. We passed each other by on a street, without a word like always. Da End.
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I hereby give you the permission to call your friends yaar. Just something like dude. Wasn't that a brain cell that was stolen?<br />
<br />
Err no thanks. I'm happy without Kareena or Ash *shakes hands* really? i actually slept watching twilight.

ok ok :D

don't worry Floydess, we won't kill each other, hehe.<br />
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Bus yar laze, main ek button dabaun ga aur soonam a jaegi. Btw no twilight fan here.

Haye oye!!!<br />
<br />
Le lay yar, tu soonam le le. Khush reh :P<br />
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Ah laze, ma friend, you don't know what its like to burn in the flames of love that crosses boundries between humans and beyond. Go ask any vampire movie character. <br />
Or better, just go through a magazine like Spider etc. You'll know. :D

Ehhhhm I said i'm not gonna say it.. though you came pretty close! :P<br />
<br />
But I like Soonam! i thought that was a known fact. :(<br />
Nevermind celeb crushes are such kneejerk things.<br />
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You better hope you weren't watching Constantine on HBO the other day though. I don't care what kind of weapons they make there, you're not taking Rachel Weisz!

Yeah but now i crush over something that's not even human. :P I dream about it ALL the time and i'm not gonna tell what it is!!

Of course i did San. :)<br />
<br />
Floydess it was right that way too.