My First Crushes

I definitely remember my first crushes. They are celebrities too.

I am a Christian (not meaning to demean others who are not because I'm not like the radicals who stick their noses up at differences) and I was raised with not just gospel or Christian pop but also Christian rap, Christian rock and Christian hip hop.

DC Talk is Christian rock and Christian rap. When I was in grade school, that was when I started listening to Kevin Max Smith, Toby MacKeehan aka Toby Mac, and Michael Tait. The very first casette tape I got was of theirs. The very first cd I got was of theirs and the tracks were the same as the casette tape.

Kevin Max Smith used to dye his wavy hair sandy blonde and is a white man with dark brown eyes, while Toby is also a white man but has light sandy blonde, curly hair and pale, blue eyes; and Michael has black hair, black eyes and brown skin and is a black man. Together, they make up D (decent) C (Christian) Talk and have music as a group, solo and with other artists. Toby has a typical guy's voice when he sings and he raps. Kevin and Michael have gentler, melodic voices when they sing, but Kevin can reach the high notes.

I crushed on Kevin Max Smith the rest of my childhood, adolescence, teen years and early twenties.

The second guy was the star of the tv series and books Saved By The Bell. To this day Mark-Paul Gosselaar whose family is from the Netherlands is my favorite actor and the lead actress from Saved By The Bell, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, is my favorite actress, and all the other actors and actresses that starred in it as well are my favorites too. Mark-Paul Gosselaar was my crush in my teens and twenties. He has dark brown, wavy hair, dark brown eyes and is a white man, but at that time, he dyed his hair sandy blonde. He and his wife Lisa Ann Russell who he met on Saved By The Bell: The College Years are to this day my favorite celebrity couple. (He isn't even that much older than me.. three years, five months and six days, hehehe)

When *Nsync came around, I was a teenager and I was crazy about James Lance Bass and that crush lasted me til my early thirties. Yes I know, it ended in the recent years. He is a white guy with straight, dark brown hair he used to dye blonde and has green eyes and the cutest chipmunk cheeks.

Then there was Kyle Schmid. He is a white guy with black eyes and long, black, curly hair with loose ringlets he wore around his shoulders, and he used to dye his hair sandy blonde. I saw him in two movies on Lifetime Movie Network that are two of my favorite movies (Sex And The Single Mom Part 1 - I call it pt 1 since there is a part 2; Cyber Seduction), a tv series that is based on a book mini series that my favorite author Meg Cabot wrote (1-800-MISSING), and some children's movies or family movies also based on books (The Cheetah Girls part one of three; Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants). That was more an "Isn't he such a hottie? Oh my goodness! He's so hot!" infatuation.

I SWEAAAAAAAAR I don't go for guys based on brunette or blonde aspects. People think I go for blondes but I don't. It truly is a coincidence. If I had a type, it'd be nice, not blonde, brunette, etc. Our differences albeit physical, religious, genderized, sexually prefered, domestic, academic, corporate, geographic, numeric, ethnic, bodily-spanned, fashioned, entertained, etc all make us individuals. To me, we all have hearts that beat and bleed. Sorry to get deep. I know some Christians stick their noses up at other peoples differences, likes, etc.
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it is sad there are many who want to run others lifes<br />
<br />
who make judgements with out knowing all the facts<br />
<br />
but god put us here to do a job and live a certain way be what ever name you call god, lord, jehovah.<br />
<br />
god gave us rules to live by and one of those rules was not to judge unless you are with out sin