Oh Do I

My first crush was when I was in 6th grade. His name was Trevor. I was kind of pathetic :-X I used to give him my leftover lunch money so he could buy an ice cream sandwich at the end of lunch, thinking that would make him like me. I liked him for four straight years, until one day my "friends" told him that I liked him, and insisted he meet me at a dance. He was there and so was I, but when he saw me, he walked past me and left.

So much for my first crush, huh? :-P

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2008

Guys are afraid who they are with because it may destroy their reputation (especially if they're popular) I'm not saying you were an outcast all I'm saying is a nerd is shy to go out with a 'popular' person and someone popular is afraid to go out with someone less popular. At that age people start splitting each other into categories.... in his mind you were probably in a different category to him, that's all. Maybe he did like you but was too afraid to see other people's reactions if he reacted on his crush (:

Maybe he chickened out.

kids can be so mean