Elementary- Junior High Crush

My crush latest for like four years!  He was the best person to have a crush on growing up I feel that way now.  I remember having "Field Day" (Students have a day of outside races on teams and a picnic at the end of the school year), and I was walking through the hall and I looked up and I saw this boy and he was so CUTE!  His name was Todd.  He was funny, outgoing, very nice.  I was in HEAVEN!  I think like maybe a year later, I believe I was going into the 5th grade that summer.  He moved into my NEIGHBORHOOD!  It was like a famous person!  We became friends, I would write him little love notes and throw them at him! He would laugh or do something boyish but he always made me feel comfortable. Anyway- I can go on and on about little stories that I remember about him.  We never became a couple, my heart still flickers alittle thinking about him and also wondering how he is doing. We was like almost my first best friend kind of we play video games, played outside, went to the same school until he moved again a year later.  Then we saw each other throughout  highschool and middle school.  But we just went in different directions.



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Aww that's really sweet :)

That is so bitter sweet.