First Crush

My first crush was Andrew Hatchette. It was the sixth grade, and oddly enough his brother who was in our grade, ended up having a class with me and we sat at the same table. On the first day of school that year, his brother actually asked me out...and he was a great guy but I was seriously crushing his brother....and I didn't know they were brothers. *sigh* I told him I would go out with him but I was hoping to go out with this cute guy I had a major crush on, and he asked his name, and I told him. He said Andrew's my brother, I'll introduce you. So, after that class, while at my locker, his brother comes up to me, says hey and would I go out with him. I was like, this is a dream come true :) So, my first crush became my first boyfriend, and in the tie of it, I became best friends with his brother. We dated the whole year, and that summer, his dad in the military got transferred to another state. We never broke up but the long distance pulled us apart =( I still wonder how he is, what he is doing.

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I remember my first crush in Elementary school but after middle school she was place in Foster care :(

Aww , I Emagine How you Feel . My Boyfriend is Leaving now and Just Thinking About it I Feel so Left out And Lonely but, is Good you Haven't Forgot Him :) He will be Back .