You Only Have One First Crush

His name was Daniel.
I still remember his last name too, but just for privacy purposes, i'm leaving it out.

He was 4 years older than me. I know this because the last time I saw him I was in 2nd grade and he was in 6th.
He was like an older brother- but better. By that I mean that I was allowed to like him further than just family.

He lived in the same apartment as me and he often came over to baby-sit because our parents were close friends.
I didn't even realize it was baby-sitting; I thought that he was just coming for a play date. He also came to all my birthday parties, starting from when I was 3. Basically he was a very old family friend and since he was kind of close to my age, I grew attached to him.

I don't remember much about him anymore since I was only around 7 years old when I last saw him and now i'm 16.
What I do remember though, is the day I felt heart broken for the first time. He was sitting beside this girl his age on the bus. I saw them laugh and smile at each other and I immediatley knew he liked her. I tried to get his attention (like all jealous 2nd graders?), and he just patted my head and continued talking. I didn't want to see or even talk to him for a while after that. All of the pictures I drew of him in my art book are long gone now, but I remember scribbling over most of them with my markers.

I smile now when I think about it. 

I was so young and I didn't understand the feelings I was experiencing.
I moved places and schools in 3rd grade and our families lost touch after that.
I don't think I was that upset though- I was only 8. What does an 8 year old know about "love" anyway?

Sometimes, when I come across topics like, "First Crushes" and "Your Crush Expiriences", I think back and even wonder what Daniel's doing now. He should be about 20 years old, so a university or college freshman student. I'm now a sophomore in high school. I'd like to meet him again one day, but because we were so young, we'd probably not even recognize eachother. I doubt he even remembers me anyway. I've expirienced a few more crushes over the years and my boyfriend was one of them- but i'll only have one FIRST crush. And that's Daniel.
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I bet you that he does remember you! You said he was like a family friend, and he was older than you (it is easier for people to remember things that happened when they are older kids.) You should try to contact him! I am 16, and I can remember 2nd grade pretty easily! He can probably remember the little 2nd grader he use to play with every day!

Well, everybody has a familiar story. I hope he's happy with his life, and I hope you're happy as well!