First Crush <3

well, my biggest celebrity crush is Josh Hutcherson! My friend and i are always fighting that he is one of our husbands. He smiles and it's like... rainbow fireworks go off in my head, i'm THAT sick ;) my real crush is, oh geez, here goes, Michael Vaquilar. It was in 4th grade and his cute curly hair made him look like a little cute Cupid! anyway, i told my friend, Alison, and she told every one in the school that i had a HUGE crush on Michael. when he asked me if it was true, i got all hot and fluttery and, i will never forget what i said:'what?!? no, well, maybe, not,kind of,no?'. and then fell off the curb of the sidewalk and was all like,'what just happened?' He llaughed like he liked me back, so i said yes and got on my bike.i heard him yell wait, but i was going too fast to stop. that was the last i ever saw him, because then i moved and now go to Fancher Creek. i will always see that face of his in the state of shock. i felt so sad that i was never to see him again amd i haven't crushed on anybody since, just in case he moves too. thank you for reading, Kelsey Reppert, age 11
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you should have let him respond. :( Have you contacted him since then?