4th Grade

I remember my 4th grade. I had friends who had crushes and boyfriends and all that stuff. I had never been asked out yet, and I hadn't yet started to like boys. My friends tried pressuring me into telling them who my crush was. There was already a boy who loved me, but I didn't nessisarily like him. He has moved now. Well the guy who liked me had a good friend. He wasnt the best looking, with short blondish, reddish brownish hair and greenish blue eyes. He was a football player, and I played soccer with him every day. The next year, he went to another elementary school and the boy who loved me moved. I really missed the boy I liked. He was really nice to me. The 6th grade year came, and I finally got to be in jr high with him. I was very happy to see him, but he didn't een recognize me. I was upset. I stopped crushing on him and later in the year I got a crush on a boy in my history class. He would say hi every time I saw him, and he was very nice to me. I still like him, but just a week a go he has stopped saying hello. :(
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Sep 22, 2012