The Crush Of A Life Time

Last year (2011) i had a crush on this girl Named Taylor P.
I had the chance to date her and i did..for a day, then she broke up with me because she was
scared id cheat. i never did and i wish to this day that shed believe me. but sadly that was the last day she talked to me...i think of her often she is still my crush even though she lives in a different state.
I am 18 now and she is about to turn 16. So i dont think i will ever have the chance to be with her again, i guess its just a fanatsy now. And i am about to Enlist in the Marines. So it wont be long before i loose all chances to be with her again. i loved her. and she was my crush
GH19942011 GH19942011
Dec 21, 2012