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His name was Andrew , I went to school with him for kindergarten to the 7th grade before I moved away. I had a huge crush on him around the 6th grade.

He and I were and are still very close to this day. He had long shaggy black hair, very beautiful brown eyes and he was the nicest guy that I had met and actually valued our friendship. Our parents knew each other because of some bowling tournament and they all became pretty close friends. Of course my father wanted to be close to them because his parents are full Filipino and my dad always favored people of the same race, he was a very racist mean person.

Sometimes during school growing up we wold always be in the same classes and we were both very smart kids. We both loved Pokemon and traded cards or borrowed games from each other, we both loved anime and watch it together at times, we would ride our bikes around the neighborhood and go to an ice cream shop that was near our homes. We had a big group of geeky nerds and we were all very close and we were like a giant nerd herd as I always called us.

I never ever took the chance to tell him how I felt about him but I would always do nice things for him like wait for him after classes so we could walk and talk, sometimes we would have little study times in the library. I was so damn shy and could never do it, odd thing was we never hugged or anything and one day he gave me a big hug telling me how glad he was to have me around and how great of a friend I was. i was pretty much excited because I was going to actually finally tell him how I felt but then I thought about it over and chickened out.

Eventually this crush grew farther away and I moved on, I see him as another brother from another mother but he did eventually tell me later on, maybe like 3 years ago, over Facebook he told me how he liked me a lot and really wished that he could have took that time to make a move, he says he feels stupid but I guess that's how life works at times.

I always had this quote of "You never know, until you try" I so badly want to live by this quote because I tell people this all the time, I am known for saying it and I never live by my own words of advice. Maybe one day I will puck up the courage, have some confidence and just take chances instead of hiding myself all the time.
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That is cute :) This is something that happens to all of us.

Haha thank you, it does indeed happen a lot but at least. Kept a friend instead of losing one slim happy either way :)

If you still like him, and he's not in a relationship, it's never too late to talk. Ask him if he's in a relationship....on FB.

Lol :D Yeah I have thought about it but he's in a relationship at the moment. I have had wild ideas of asking him out because he is a really nice guy but I think I will keep us as friends because he's like my brother and I don't have feelings for him like that anymore, he's a really great friend

then just tell him he's a super nice guy and its so wonderful to have him as a friend.... you never know.

Lol I already have and he is a great friend but again he is in a relationship with someone already. He has messaged me already asking to go paint balling and I can't because I am a busy but there will be other days to go hangout.

Well, one last thought: ask him if he would introduce you to any of his nice friends. Nice guys always have really nice friends....

Haha! very true but right now I don't have to worry so much about it, I already have someone lol

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