My First

I have a first crush... but heres the thing: i'm the one being crushed on. It's the first time any guy has ever told me he likes me. It feels... good. But the thing is, i'm really terrified. I think i might like the guy back and he's really cool but... i think i have neophobia(fear of new things/change) and i'm literally freaken out. Every time i think of him my stomach flips and i start shaking. Its the same thing that happens when im near a cliff(i'm terrified of hights). Im not sure what to do...
hamtona hamtona
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 30, 2012

Don't worry! He's probably nervous to but is just hiding it! I think it's sweet that he likes you! And by the sound of it you like him back! Just give him a chance put yourself in his shoes... If I were him I would want you to give me a chance! But I think you two could turn out to be something! Well I wish you good luck!