So I think I like this guy and he knows I was gonna try kiss him. But help me! Almost everyone in my class and a few in the other grade 6 class know what do I do?! And if I do kiss him where should we kiss? I can't seem to get him alone! And he's not the romantic type of guy he's basically a jester! Like what if he didn't like me?! What do I do and now he knows I like him I feel very awkward around him! If I kiss him before should I just start with hanging out with him or getting his number and giving him my numbering hanging out together? How do I get lots of people to not watch or at least watch hidden so he doesn't see. Also I can't seem to work up the courage to kiss him! And I can't get him without his friends! HELP!
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Never mind about him now that we have been back at school for 3 or 4 days I realize I don't really like him he doesn't like me either when I thought I liked him i got my friend to give him my number but he just through it away, so I like someone else but I'm not crazy about him. We need some better guys in our class and the other class because there's not really any guys who are cute, and not weird.