My Crush Forever!

I still feel a crush on my tution mate!whenever i see him i blush really hard!!he is damn handsome.not only the butterflies the whole zoo appears in my stomach!!!I really like him but i am afraid to say him cause he hates all these types of things!I chat with him on facebook but i still feel shy to talk to him!plz can anyone tell me wht do to??maybe i shud tell him or not!if i tell him he will hate me forever!but i reallly love hiM!!!
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Now you can't really know how your crush will respond unless you do tell him. You could go right ahead and tell him or one way to go is to become his friend. (I did that and it showed a positive response) And if you are already his friend then just look out for any signs (positive ones!) he may be giving you, this may include pointing his feet towards you. (there are plenty of others, try google they'll tell you more) But sometimes in life you take risks......... just tell him how you feel and IF you get rejected, then least you'll know the truth and you can get on with your life...........GOOD LUCK!! =)

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