A Michael Jackson Lookalike

I was about 11 years old when i had my first crush. I was a dog walker so i was always up the local park walking dogs. On one of my walks i spotted this boy...and i was in awe...it was a michael jackson lookalike. Big afro great complexion...so the next day i asked my best friends who were twins to come along to the park. This boy and another boy would walk past every day and every day i would walk the dog in the hope that i would catch a glimpse of this boy. 

A year went by and my crush was over...i happened to be at another friends house when the doorbell went my friend answered it then said her friends from her new school were here i walked into the livingroom to meet her friend she said this is sarah...and my mouth fell to the floor...it was the michael jackson lookalike..and he was a she...

thehippy thehippy
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3 Responses Jul 2, 2009

i always did get it wrong when it came to men...even then...lol...

somebody scream...more like

lol...but she looked like a boy walked like a boy but spoke like a girl!