Well That Went Well Xd

I remember my first crush (as the story goes) It was in second year until sixth year.... so not at all obsessive *rolls eyes*

He was no is simply beautiful you wouldn't believe it, although more so then when he was himself and not everyone elses idea of him. Long blonde hair, these piercing blue eyes and the prettiest smile ah ever did see (if your reading that imagine it in a stereotypical southern drawl). However he was one of the popular kids, theres a surprise. So in short I never told him and instead took the easier route of hiding behind my hair for several years in hopes he'd never see me. I think the idea of something so beautiful looking at me made me just die a little inside, I couldn't bear him seeing me because I wouldn't have even looked at me and it was almost as if as long as he never saw me he couldn't conclude whether i was this or that so i wouldn't ever have to hurt over the idea that he thought i wasnt good enough. Anyway now he's overweight, short with a hobo beard and he dropped out of school and is a bit of a layabout so i think things in the long term went well admittedly I did date someone else who turned out to be a bit of a rapist but that's a different experience now isn't it kids =]


anyway thats my sharing done for today

JistLoveHer JistLoveHer
18-21, F
Feb 15, 2010