1st day of reception- UK

I started school after easter not September because I was a summer baby so they kept us back 2 terms so we wouldn't have to try and keep up with kids almost a year older than us, so I was about 41/2. I was pretty excited, because I had an older sister at the school, and was already settled into the nursery attached to the school so had friends. I remember about 10 of us were moving up to big school so we were taken out of nursery on a day visit. We got a little tour of everything- the reading corner, the little playground at the back, the play corner and I remember coming back to the nursery clutching a book, probably a reading record or something. I felt so old an important!
As for my 1st proper day there... I remember my Mum helping me dress into my new uniform. I remember the morning register... I was 2nd from the end because I was 2nd youngest in the class. And we had to say "good morning Mrs ****** every morning. I once thought it would be cool to say "yes miss!" but I got told off for cheek. I remember reading my 1st book- it was the 1st Roger Red Hat book... which featured a lot of red stuff... like a bus. I think it took quite some persuading to get me to leave my drawing/ playing though... I've never liked reading! Then at lunchtime my teacher took me to sit next to my sister because my classfriends had school dinners not packed lunches, but I didn't want to... I wanted to be independent so I elbowed her lol.
Then there was the grassy playground outside- the reception class had a separate playground to the rest of the class with a slide that was boiling hot in the sun and always gave you static shocks.
That's all I can remember.
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Aug 8, 2010