I Do! Though My Memory Sucks!

I remember I was with my mum and my oldest sis, of course they got into the class with me, they sat my in first row “I’m short so you can imagine how small I was in the first grade hahah”, I still can remember the lighting, it was a bit dark, I kinda remember paintings of animals on the wall, and I remember how the teacher was constantly passing and walking  through the students (I still remember her face and her name!)!

I’m really surprised how I 'm able to remember this little detail, but my old sis leaned at me and whispered to me, see that lady walking there, she is your teacher!!

I don’t recall how it was when my mum left but I didn’t cry or anything!

what’s funny is that at the end of the day when my mum came to pick me up and see which bus I’ll be riding during the year, she saw me already walking through busses looking for my bus and held another crying girl’s hand looking for her bus hahahah I don’t remember this but my mum told me about it, but I think that I do remember some glimpses about my siblings making fun of me because of that!! Really how stupid are they?! :P
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I think that is so cute!!!

hahahah thank you sweetie XD