The Frog With Red Eyes.

When i was 4 i lived in basingstoke uk. I was to attend Fairfields Primary School. On the first day my mum and my brother Nathan walked through an iron gate into where the playground was. Nat went to play football with his friends which left me to walk through the blue-jumpered kids with mum. I can't remember the teachers names but there was one teacher i particularly liked- brown hair and had a really colourful classroom. My mum left me to it and this girl came and sat next to me, Emily i think her name was, and gave me the creepiest looking toy frog you've ever seen, with red eyes and scaly skin (y'know that shiny crackly stuff) . I remember being quite scared by that but i guess the rest of the day was okay. Emily soon became a good friend of mine but as soon as i turned 9yrs i left school so it was rather short lived, can't say i missed it though, they were always so patronising like "well done you can do 2x4=8" im 8 you ******* of course i can.
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Dec 3, 2012