Hi!! It's 2gromit Again!!

Hi, I'm 2Gromit, if you didn't know... I've written 2 other stories in the catergories I love Wallace and Gromit! Look out for those!  Anyway, heres something i'm gonna tell you It's not really about my first day at school, but something to do with school. There's this girl called Mia Cliford in our grade, and boy she is really funny! PS. She still sucks her thumb at the age of 10!!     well we were doing this project thing about addition and subtraction, and she was given to do a subtraction one. But on her first go, she wrote PLUS in really big letters!! HHA!! suck!  So, then she had to start again! And when she started again, she wrote PLUS again!!  Boy, she has the brain of a goldfish!!    Anyway, my name is 2Gromit, and look for me at the group    I LOVE WALLACE AND GROMIT!!  You'll hear more from me!  BYE!:D

2Gromit 2Gromit
13-15, F
Feb 16, 2010