I Had A Rough Start

On my first day of Kindergarten the classroom was cluttered & crowded & noisy and there were no windows and the air was still & stuffy. It also smelled funny. I didn't like the florescent lighting because some of the tubes buzzed unpleasantly and they flickered and the weird color made everything look faded & strange.

I remember feeling hot & uncomfortable and wanting to go outside in the fresh air & sunlight and/or take my clothes off even though Daddy had told me that wasn't allowed, not even during recess.

And the water from the fountain was warm, not chilled almost ice cold the way I liked it. Even so, my mouth felt dry so I drank more than I did at home. That caused a embarrassing beginning. I wasn't used to asking to use the bathroom and having to wait for permission but everyone had to do that. That wasn't the problem.

At Home I was always nude so when I got to the bathroom I just sat down and started peeing. But at School I was wearing clothing and having to adjust everything screwed up my timing so sometimes I wet my panties right in the last second before I could get them pulled down. I quickly got over that but not before having a few accidents and getting humiliated & teased by the other kids.

Apparently the teacher identified me as a "difficult" child during the first week and called Daddy to discuss my wild behavior. He told her to just give me a book to read and it would calm me down. That advice failed initially because none of the books in the classroom interested me. And the teacher kept taking away the books I brought from home! That made me cry because I didn't understand what was wrong or why she said they were bad for me.

It took awhile for everyone to accept/realize that I was reading at 5th Grade level. Once they started letting me pick out my own books from the School library things got a lot better. After that I would sit in a beanbag chair and read whenever everyone else was doing "baby" stuff like learning the Alphabet or how to spell "cat".

Instead of upsetting me like before, my teacher turned out to be very nice about helping me understand what I was reading whenever I had a question. Sometimes she even let me read to the others at storytime -- I liked that, I knew how to do story voices from when Daddy or Rosa had read to me! (And later on, when I was in the 1st Grade, I got to teach everyone how to play Chess!)

I loved everything else about being at School but I was miserable for several weeks adjusting to having to stay covered up all the time -- the teacher wouldn't even let me take off my shoes!!! The moment I got inside the front door at Home I was naked again, and usually very shortly after that I was jumping in the pool.
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obviously you were smart enuff to deal with the structure and social demands, but it sounds like ur teacher was surprisingly astute about tuning in to ur reading skills for the class' benefit and ur motivation... that was one of the decades when 'mainstreaming' was often the only option, and ur presence in her class was likely even more of a jolt and ongoing challenge for her than it was for you...lol

@48jake: That was only the barest beginning of the troubles the School had with me! My School years were EPIC ("Erotic Play Involving Chrissy!").

ok chrissy, uv got my attention... makin a note re the acronym too...lol and id luv to hear about some of ur early 'epic' adventures... did I miss the link, or will you add me if they're reserved somewhere for 'friends' only...?

@48jake: EPSupport deletes my posts about that sort of thing so I've stopped posting here. Friends may discuss it with me in private messages.

I understand and im not surprised.. but I could hardly resist a tease line for 'the barest beginning' of ur 'EPIC' troubles....lol

my youngest daughter was also very sensual, sexual and normally naked all her life, including 3 years in a liberal Montessori school where kids could be naked and many were... 3rd grade in public school was the jolt... she refused to comply with dumb new rules, mom and I called to principal's office several times, other kids start gettin' naked, and we almost had to home school her... then an epiphany... but that's another story...;)

@48jake: I'm not sure if your Daughter is the right age or if it is available in your area, but there is now a Pagan scouting organization that accepts nudists (they accept pretty much all faiths & practices). Look into the Spirit Scouts, maybe you'll like it. As for the rest of my childhood experiences, particularly the ones involving nudity/sex, those are best saved for private messages. (I have a great memory from Saint Valentine's Day in the Third Grade! And then my "epiphany" (one of many in my life) came when I was Nine.)

thanks chrissy, my youngest graduated from college last year... gasp... but ur young 'spirits' feels worth a look for both my own awareness, and for open minded friends with kids and grandkids about the right ages... and yeah, maybe not so much for boys, but nine is high among several ages when memories and milestones seem to happen for many young girls...

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I liked hearing about this one. I liked talking to you about it too. Thinking of you ;)

I was shy in kindergarten as far as talking to other kids. But I had zero shame about being naked. Like you I ran naked as a child everywhere I possibly could. School was no exception. I was not used to having to ask to go to the bathroom. I was shy about asking out loud. So I held it in and didn't ask. Of course a mess happened then I had to ask. I couldn't sit there messy like that. So in the bathroom I cleaned myself off tried to wash my pants. Ended up soaking all my clothes with water. So I just left my clothes and shoes and walked back to my desk naked. The teacher didn't notice I was naked until a long time later when we had reading circle and when she got around to me Then she saw I was naked and her face looked so funny as she stopped talking and gaped open her mouth. I had to stay naked the rest of class because my clothes were not wearable. I ended up going home naked. I was a naked boy most of the time at home but school naked was a thrill.

I had an experience like that.

After my first day of Kindergarten I didn't want to go back to School. Daddy told me I should give it a chance for a week. So I did.<br />
<br />
My first week of Kindergarten upset me so much that I wanted to quit. (Mainly the part about having to wear clothes & shoes the entire time and only being allowed to look at little kids picture books.) Then Daddy told me I had to go back on Monday and had to keep going every day after that <i>forever & ever</i>. So I decided to run away! (I had just turned five years old.)<br />
<br />
I packed up some fruit bars and my Library Card and a toothbrush and a bottle of water, made myself a sandwich, then headed up the river that ran through the woods in the greenbelt behind my house. And I didn't take any clothes or shoes with me! I knew that it lead to the Library, I'd just never walked along it that far. That is where I was planning to live from now on.<br />
<br />
And I made it there! I showed them my Library Card and they let me inside but then without telling me they looked me up on the computer and called Rosa to come pick me up. Man did Daddy spank me hard for running away!! And then again the next morning when I still didn't want to go to School. I could hardly sit down in the classroom!!!<br />
<br />
School got better after that and the Teacher learned to let me read real books and I started liking it more. But I still didn't like the clothes & shoes part. And the other children made fun of me when sometimes I couldn't get my clothes off in time to keep from wetting myself when I needed to pee. (I was used to already being naked, and to not being so far from the bathroom or having to ask permission when I needed to go. So my countdown timing was way off. I got better at that too.)

Some adults have trouble with their timing as far as getting their clothes down in the bathroom.

lmao @ girl runs away from home... arrives naked at library, settles in with food, water, toothbrush and library card... yeah, ok... now I understand... "forever and ever" would be impossible to accept... and a demonstration of ur ability and initiative would get everyone's attention... on many levels... lol

Well, it didn't work. Except Daddy talked with my Teacher and after that she paid more attention to me. So it came out OK.

ummmm... had the impression you grew up in the country... small town n stuff... sorta hopin' the 'system' got the wake up call along with ur dad and started taking you more seriously.... but im glad one way or another ur teacher paid more attention, let you read at a more interesting level, answered ur questions, etc....

@48jake: I was both a city Girl and a country Girl while I was growing up. I lived in the Suburbs during the week when School was in session -- I attended a big public School and rode my bicycle and skated and stuff. But on Breaks & Weekends I was usually on my GodAunt's Farm in the middle of America's Farmland where I rode my Horse and cared for animals. I was in Clubs & Sports at School, stuff like 4-H & Scouting when I was at the Farm. And stuff I did both places (like gardening or running or swimming) was so different!

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Oh, and one more thing. At recess a boy said that girls wearing dresses weren't allowed on the Jungle Gym because we'd get them dirty. But later when I found out that wasn't true I pushed him down in the dirt and got HIS clothes dirty!

yeah, I like the way you handled that too.... cant help picturing you showin' off more n more on the gym too... i mean, as you got older, more self-confident and more outrageous...;)

Yeah, well, a lot of the stuff I've done on Playground Equipment since then is too hot to post on EP. (Tell me what you're imagining in a private message.)

gosh, that time I was only just picturing the basics... flashing in short skirts with no underwear from swing and bars, but always just out of reach, and perhaps lubricating the edge of the slide and other stuff....