First Day Of High School, With A Twist!

Most people have their very first day at school in kindergarten. Not for me! You see, I was homeschooled until freshman year of high school, and I absolutely loved it. Now I know there are countless stereotypes but trust me, I wasn't one of them. I was constantly doing something. Hanging out with friends, a class, schoolwork, 4-H, Culture club, Theatre etc. I had/have tons of friends and I was always going, going, going until I was dead tired. I decided to go to high school for the experience, to make new friends, and it was easier to get into the early acceptance program at a college by doing this. I've always been ahead on my work so instead of 14, I was 13 when I went into my freshman year. I remember waking up at 4am scared to death. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up. My mom was taking our roommate to work really early so I tagged along. I got back and as I started straightening my hair, my mom cooked me breakfast. I got ready, did my makeup, got dressed etc. I ate a nice breakfast, and I didn't even realize that this would be the calmest morning before school, ever. So about 30mins before school started I left. I wanted to get there early just in case. I got my schedule, and noticed that I had 2 first periods. I waited, and waited for my counselor in line and we resolved it. It was a health/pe class that I went to health a few days of the week, and pe the rest. So after all that, I went to my class and started my first day of school. I sat in the wrestling room which is where our class met that day. I remember just thinking, and being nervous except for listening. When she called my name during attendance I almost got marked absent for being so lost in thought. The rest of the day went okay, and I'll remember it all forever. Now it's nearing the end of my freshman year (Thanks god!!) and I can't wait for it to be over. I made amazing friends, and great times and I do like school! I even have a 4.0. I'm just tired and ready for summer :)
Midnight2098 Midnight2098
May 9, 2012