My First And Last

My first time I will never forget. Im still dealing with the consequences. My first drink, I was 18, new to Canada, and didnt realize that the legal age was 19! I was visiting my sister, and we went to hang out with some of the kids at the college she was attending. She ended up going home early, and I was just gonna stay a bit longer, as I was enjoying hanging around kids near my own age for the first time in a while. My first drink didnt get me drunk, I was far from it... But it did get me in a place where I was vulnerable. And maybe cause I trust people. But that night I got raped. I'll never know the influence of too much to drink. In my mind alcohol makes people do bad things they normally wouldnt. I'll never drink again, and I encourage everyone else not too.
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Although I am a Christian, I have known many Christians that drink alcohol. After all, didn't Jesus turn water into wine? As a Christian it is generally frowned upon to drink in excess. However, that being said? I have a VERY VERY VERY good reason not to drink. The smell of alcohol whips me back to a very bad experience. I was RAPED. And that? Thats good enough for me. They tell me he's usually such a nice guy, and when he isn't drunk, hes a gentleman. But he was drunk, so he did something he normally wouldn't have. Isn't that a good enough reason?

Correlation is not causality...

So are you a Christian ? Or just against alcohol?