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I have had several first enemas.  First as a child.  First from myself.  First from a BF.  First pure sexual enema.
First from a BF was at his families summer home.  We were there alone for almost a week.  I saw this blue enema bag hanging in his parents bathroom and asked him.  He told me that his father gave his mother all kinds of enemas.  He said he got them all through his childhood.  He even admitted he had been given a couple earlier in the summer that year.  He asked me and I said, lied and said no I'd never had one.  He asked if I thought I'd like to try one.  We had sex three times by then and I said I might like to try.  Next day I was asked again. and I said ok.  Most of the time I had gotten them in the knee chest position.  He put me in the Sims position.  That way he said he could get to my breasts easier.  He fixed up a mild warm,  soapy two quart enema and put the douche nozzle in my rear.  I took the entire bag and he was amazed.  When I came out of the bathroom he said I had to have another one because he said the soap left inside me had to be rinsed out.  Again I took all the bag had.  Instead of going out in the boat we stayed in bed all day.  That night he said how surprised he was that I could take it so easily.  He added he was able to take three quarts pretty easily.  I had take three liters at least a dozen time before and I said would he see if I could take three quarts.  At ten that night I received a three quart filling from him and he almost wet his pants.  Sorry he couldn't wet his pants he wasn't wearing any pants.
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Great story! Will you be posting any of your other first enemas?