I Was Always Made Fun of

I was around 10 years old and I was running into my house crying because one of the kids was making fun of me and my father locked me out. He said that I wasn't allowed to come back in till I beat him up. Still with tears in my eyes I managed to sob "Is that ok?" because everyone always told me fighting was bad. He said yes and i couldn't come back in till I did. He had gone back to his house to get some candy and my best friend was by my driveway waiting for me. He asked what happened and said that theres no way i'd ever do it. I told him I had to because I wouldn't be allowed back in the house till I did. So he came riding up on his bike and I walked up to him and punched him off it. he got up and I hit  him again and he started running. Now this is years of built up anger and frustration of being made fun of so i snapped. I picked up his bike and started running after him down the street with it and threw it at him... I missed but hit the tree on the corner. I was crying the whole time. My friend thought it was great but he just didn't understand. Since then I was in 3 other fights but all before highschool
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Your father sounds disturbed. When you needed comfort he made your life even harder. What a horrible lesson to teach his son. Good thing you weren't all alone and did have a best friend who waited and was there for you.

No, it's a wonderful lesson. We need to teach our kids not to take **** from people and not be weak.

I understand what you are going through. I have been made fun of my whole life. When you are an unattractive quiet female you tend to be targeted. It has affected my personality, and I pretty much dislike most people and have no friends. I wish I could tell you that things will get better, but I cannot promise that. I pretty much stay to myself and occupy my time with things that interest me. Most people are mean, rude, greedy, and selfish. I am glad that I have chosen not to reproduce. This world sucks if you are not born rich or have some sort of physical beauty.

That sounds really quite traumatic. I can't say that I agree with that sort of parenting at all. Did your father ever find out how you felt about being made to do that?