The Dumb Blonde...

The dumb blonde got mad that I didn't like her taking over my friendship with her best friend... you know, that Junior High bullcrap? She called me down to the park. My "friend", her best friend, encouraged me to go. So, I went down there, walking pround the whole way. Hen I got there, we talked about the crap causing the fight. Then, she charged... and I kicked. I admit... I'm not a very good fighter... but she isn't the greatest either. Her mother, who believes that her kids are literally perfect and decide to call my mother up and make the fight between them, gave her pointers on fighting before sending her up to the park. They also had someone circling the park with a video camera to send it in to Funniest Home Videos. Dumbasses. Well.. at one point, I backed out of my tennis shoe... she started to walk away. So, I quickly picked up my shoe, never lowering my head in the process, and became famouse for beating her in the back of the head with my shoe. Yeah... well.. the fight continued.. and this dumb blonde was stupid enough to bring little kids up there to watch this fight. I wasn't in shape enough to fight, really, and didn't fighting. I'm more powerful with words than I am with a fist... but my words can knock you out; trust me. I told her I felt like this was some kind of a sin, and with one last kick to the inside of her ribs, I said I was sick of this **** and left. She said "Watch this!"hopped over the fence to the park like My Pretty Pony on Acid and started chasing me. I walk fast as it is, so I didn't run. I wasn't going to make myself look worse (not that I could... people didn't like me as it was). I made it to my house before the ***** tried anything... but it was still funny to see her skip over there.. and it wasn't on purpose.. thats just how she is. Lucky for her, she got a little more mature and I'm mostly forgiving. We've put it past us, and are fairly good friends. That lucky *****.. I used to loath her with a passion... now we share food... its crazy amazing... and slightly sick...
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lol I surprised myself when it all happened, and what came of it. I am a kind person, I'll admit, however, too kind... I let people use me because I'm too kind to say "no" (don't worry I mean in terms of money and food and home and such, not at all ever in terms of sex or things of that sort). Of course, I am in college now. That happened in high school, early high school at that. And I don't hear much from her anymore. And I realize that it doesn't really matter...

Wow, I am immensely surprised by this lol.<br />
<br />
You must be a kind person to forgive a girl like that whether she had good reasons or not. <br />
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I'm glad you got the upper hand even though it made you sick. It's the strong who survive in this world.