The boy next door's name was Eddie. He was several years older than me so we really had nothing in common. He was overweight and very spoiled having every toy imaginable. My parents were very frugel so his basement looked like a treasure chest to me. His dad owned an appliance store so he had all the latest gadgets, including a Magnavox Odessy game console. Although I really didn't like hanging out with Eddie, the idea of playing video games on your own TV was so cool I had to see it for myself. So I sorta invited myself over. We played Pong for a few games but he was obviously bored of his new toy already He asked me if I enjoyed model making knowing from the neighborhood that I was very talented at it. I told him I loved building models but rarely had the money to buy a kit. He said he had al sorts of models he had gotten as gifts but had no interest or patience to put them together. He showed me a closet full of model boxes and I immediately grabbed a World War 2 British Spifire - still in its celophane wrapper. Eddie cunningly said I could have the model as long as I did a little something for him. He wanted me to drop my pants and show him my pee pee. At first I said absolutely, not but he volunteered to drop his pants first to show me it was no big deal. Here was this fat kid with a little wiener standing in front of me and all I could think about was the paint I would need for the camoflage scheme for the Spitfire. I reluctantly pulled my pants down and showed him my little ****. His got hard and he began to stroke his and mine. It felt wrong but naughty in a way becasue I was going to get paid for this act. Him and I alone in a closet playing show and tell.

That night as I read the assembly directions for my new model I felt a little guilty from what happened that afternoon but at the same time I knew I earned this prize. Yes, I was on my way to being a slutty little ***** and earning whatever I wanted through sexual satisfaction of others. I squirmed a little to remind me I was wearing my moms pantyhose thinking about what else I could conquer by simply acting out what I truely was born to be - a little ****.

More to follow.
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I think it happened to all of us little ***** sooner or later