First Gay Experience

I was about 14 and he was a good friend of mine. I felt comfortable and sexually attracted to him and knew that I wanted him. I just wasn't sure he felt the same way. Well one day we skipped school and were being rather silly .For some reason and I can't remember, I got naked and started to get hard. He starred at me rubbing my **** which got him excited. He then took his clothes off and went into his father's closet. There we started rubbing our ***** together, touching one another when he got one his knees and began sucking my ****. It felt wonderful. We left the closet, laid on his fathers bed and began sucking eachother off. I sucked him so well that he came w/n a minute. I would have sucked him dry and wanted his *** but he pulled away. Later I was able to enjoy him filling my mouth with his sweet ***. I so enjoyed tasting his tropedo shaped ****. We sucked eachother off and ****** until he moved away. It was wonderful and I miss him inside me slowly pounding my ***, I miss pumping his beautiful *** and tasting his ****. I haven't had another **** since Mike and I am hoping soon I'll gather the nerve to do something with my desires. I regulary get off with my toys and love feeling my ***** inside me. I just hope one day I can feel a man place the tip of his **** on my ***, feel him grab my hips and slide his meat in. Thanks for the opportunity to tell this story. I have never told anyone.
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012

From childhood I have enjoyed ****; I have many happy memories of friends and their ***** and the fun we used to have. I love the ladies, always have but there is something about playing with ***** that is just heavenly and different from playing with *******; I could fancy a bit of **** right now having just read your latest story about John and his big ****.