My First Time

My very first gay sex experience was with one of my co-workers. Danny was openly gay and proud of it. We had known each other for about two years and were on the company Bowling team together. One night after bowling we all went out to a nearby bar for a drink. I had always been very curious about Danny and decided that if he made a move on me, I'd go along with it. Sure enough after a while Danny said to me, "Do you want to blow a joint?" I was pretty sure this had an intentional double-meaning. Maybe it was the look in his eyes. However I had no hesitation and told him I did. 

We then got into our cars and I followed him to his house which was nearby. When we arrived. Danny's boyfriend Timmy was there. He excused himself and went to the bedroom. Meanwhile Danny put on some music, took out a joint, lit it up and handed it to me. e then sat on the couch next to each other listening to the music and sharing the joint. I remember slowly drifting off with the effects of the joint and the music. But at the same time I kept wondering to myself, 'what now'? I was too scared to make the first move and was relying on Danny to do it. However it seemed like he was taking an awful long time. Maybe it was the high.

At any rate after what seemed like an eternity, I felt Danny's hand on my shoulder - the touch I had been waiting for. I opened my eyes and turned to him. He was staring at me with an obvious sexual desire. Most of what happened next is rather foggy, but I do remember us kissing on the couch, then standing up to take off our clothes. I looked down at the first hard **** I had ever seen and was entranced by the site. He was larger than me and fully erect. I looked at that **** and realized it was hard for me. I had never known of such a thing before. Maybe other guys had thought of me in this way before, but if they did I never knew it. But here was the living proof. A naked man with a full hard-on right in front of me. I kept thinking that this was like a dream. I also realized that I was completely hard for him too, harder than I ever remembered being before.

After a few brief moments of gazing at each other, we fell into each other's arms and started kissing passionately. This was new too - a man's mouth on mine and his tongue in my throat. I was horny beyond belief!

Somehow we made it back onto the couch and I found my mouth over his hard ****. I put my mouth on him, but for some reason I stopped. I told him I was not ready for that. I don't remember why I felt that way, but he was okay with it . Then Danny  turned to go down on me, and as he did he grabbed my hand and placed it on his ****. As he sucked my off with an intensity I had never experienced before, I had his lovely **** in my hand and was ******* him off. It was amazing to have his hard-on in my hand and it felt wonderful. I really don't remember how long it lasted, but we did *** together, and as I exploded into his mouth, his *** exploded onto my hand, the couch and the floor.  I was both exhausted and exhilarated! I had finally had sex with another man!

We laid there for a while before getting up. Obviously we has a mess to clean up and went into the kitchen to get some towels. After cleaning up, Danny asked if I wanted to spend the night but I told him no. We then kissed and I left to go home. On the way home I was thinking about what had happened. And as I went into my apartment, I went directly to the bathroom and ***********. The fantasy had become a reality, then a memory and finally a fantasy again. I went to bed but I remember getting up at least two more times that night and ************. I never told Danny this, and now I wish I had. He deserved to know the affect he had on me and the wonderful feelings he created.

That, however, was not the end of the story. A few months later I had quit that job and had traveled for a while. After getting back into town and settling down, one day I decided to give Danny a call to see if he wanted to come over to 'blow a joint'. (That became an in joke for us, although maybe not a terribly clever one.) Danny said sure, and that he would come over after work.

I showered, put on a pair of shorts (no shirt) then waited for Danny. It was not long before I heard the knock on the door. I answered and let him in. This time there was no uncertainly or hesitation. I knew what I wanted to do - get this man into my bed and take better care of him then I did the last time. I wasted no time and asked him to come to the bedroom.

My bedroom had a bed, a dress and a TV, nothing else. So there was no place for us to sit other than the bed. That was fine by the both of us. The TV was on but we ignored that and engaged in some preliminary small talk. He asked how my trip went and I asked how things were going at work. He was curious abut my relationship to my ex-girlfriend. In fact, she was the reason I had quit that job. She worked there with us and was hot and cold so I never knew what her mood was going to be or her attitude towards me.

While we talked, I was lying on my back on the bed and Danny was sitting up next to me. I had a hard-on almost from the moment he walked through the front door and I made sure my legs were spread and my crotch was showing so he could see the bulge in my shorts.  After a little more talk, Danny bent over to kiss me, and as he did he put his hand on my crotch. It felt wonderful and he quickly began to undo my pants so he could get better access. He did have some trouble undoing the button so I got up, undid my pants, and pulled them down. He did likewise, and unlike the last time I did not send much time looking at his naked body. What I wanted was to feel him - his naked flesh pressed against mine - both bodies wanting and craving each other. So we then fell back into bed together. 

We laid on our sides and began to kiss each other passionately, There was no hesitation, no holding back, only pure lust that could only be satisfied by the intimate contact of another man. Our naked bodies pressed together tightly as we continued to kiss. Our hands were exploring each others naked flesh and our hard ***** were touching in this intimate embrace. We were both very hard, and very turned on.

I then turned onto my back and pulled Danny on top of me. I could feel the full weight of his naked body pressing down on me and I loved it. I ran my hands up and down his back and *** as we kissed more, our mouths fully open and our tongues darting and dashing into each other's throats. We went on like this for a while, I don't remember exactly how long. In retrospect I wish I has prolonged this experience so it would be more clear and vivid. But by now I was ready to finish what I could not do the last time. I wanted the full feel of his beautiful hard **** inside my mouth.

I don't know which one of us made the first move but before I knew it Danny was off me and turned around so he cold access my ****. He also presented me with his beautiful hard-on which was now just inches away from my face and was enticing me with it's erotic pull. There was no doubt, no hesitation. I wanted the taste and feel of this **** in my mouth and I immediately placed my mouth over him. I sucked, I licked, I did all the things I thought would bring him to climax. And while I did that, he was working on mine, with far more expertise than I could bring. But as good as his mouth felt on me, I was concentrating on pleasing him the best I could. I felt his **** and body starting to quiver and I knew that I was bringing him closer with every breath. And the closer he came, the more excited I was. My body and **** were quivering as well, in perfect synch with his. Then just as I was starting to ***, I felt Danny do the same. I exploded into his mouth and he….well…., I'm not sure what happened. I could feel him definitely have an ******, but there was no or little *** to accompany it. I kept sliding my mouth up and down his ****, but still nothing. Finally he asked me to stop saying that he had already come.

I looked at him and asked why there was no ***, and he shrugged and said he had had a busy day. And that was it. I was a bit disappoint but still excited about what we had done. We lay together for a little while longer, then he got up, got dressed, kissed me goodbye and left to go home.

As soon as he was gone I immediately started thinking about what had happened and decided to savor the memories. While the lack of *** was a bit surprising and a slight disappointment, the overall experience was incredible!  It was not long before I started jacking off again, and as before i did this several times that night, all reliving the amazing experience of having real sex with another man.

That, though,  was the last I ever saw of Danny. We did not work together anymore and had no friends in common. I had moved on to another job, and new girlfriend and continued with my life. While I really enjoyed the experience, at no time did I ever seriously consider having another one like that - at least not until recently. However I would think about him from time to time, and this would sometimes get me very horny. I don't know how many times I have *********** thinking of this and now at this point in my life, I am thinking of this again, and the wonderful, erotic thrill of having sex with another man.


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Great story I sqeezed my nipples as I read each detail. Only thing better would be no blanked out words, and more details of the penis.

Fantastic, I thouroughly enjoyed reading it very much, and it made me very erect, I fantasized about being you with him, great story.<br />
<br />

Fantastic, I thouroughly enjoyed reading it very much, and it made me very erect, I fantasized about being you with him, great story.<br />
<br />