He Told Me What To Do And I Did It

I was 15.  A bunch of us used to get together and j**k off together and after a while started to give each other hand jobs.  Once I went to the house of an older guy (he was almost 17) who was part of our j**koff group.

He took off his pants and told me to do the same.  He lay down on his bed and had me sit by his knees and told me to give him a hand job.  We did this a lot and I liked doing it so it wasn't a problem.  After a bit he said "I'm really horney"  I said "me too".  His c**k was right in front of my face and he said "go ahead and do it"  I was feeling very hot but I wasn't sure what he meant so I kept stroking him.  Then he said "Stick it in your mouth"  I was so horney I just leaned over and put the end in my mouth.  It felt so good I kept licking it and sliding it in and out of my mouth. 

I kept thinking "wow, I'm sucking his c**k" and sliding it in and out.  He was moaning and very hot and suddenly it felt very slippery and tasted salty and I said to myself "wow he's cu**ing in my mouth."  I loved it and kept sucking and swallowed it.  I wasn't planning to swallow it, it just felt so good and the salty taste was so sexy that I kept sucking and swallowed it.  A bit later, he asked me if I minded that he came in my mouth and I just said, "no, I like it".   He put his hand on my c**k and I started to come at once.

After that I went to his house a few times a week and gave him a b**w job.  I always looked forward to when he would start to c*m in my mouth and I would swallow it.
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Wow. This really made me hard. I love reading it. I love that you liked when he came in your mouth. That was so nice. Wish I could experience the same thing. Thanks for sharing this.

I love this story. I keep coming back to it, because it gives a very good description of what it is like to have a guy *** in your mouth. At least, I think it is a good description--I've never had the pleasure. I've sucked **** a number of times, but only "swabbing" (not to the point of ***********). So all my life I have dreamed of what it might feel like to have a guy *** in my mouth. So this is now how I imagine it in my fantasies.

I love the tongue details, on what and how much. I like the build up details too!!!

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