I Was Fourteen

I was fourteen, and in jr. high, and this guy I went to school with asked me if i ever had my **** sucked, an I said no?  He said, would you like to have your **** sucked, and I said, sure,but i have never had it done before.  So, he sucked my **** in the high school libaray annex and the feeling blew my mind!  It was , wonderful.  I had also asked me, if I had every suck another boys **** before, and I said, no but I'll try?  So, it was wonderful, to have a nice warm **** in my mouth, and the c** dripping in my mouth.  So, then I had asked him if there was other things he knew about, but that's another story.

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I'm in the closet & always jack off to celebs, wrestlers, & guys I know. I love doing it to sexy pictures of Chris brown, John cena & randy orton the most. The thought of us giving each other head & making love makes me c**. I also imagine other guys having sex with each other too. It's amazing that ican imagine anyone in the world I want being freaky. But I wanna do it in real life

I have, a very few who every once in awhile like to be serviced, and they like to be rimmed, and have other things done too them, but I mostly suck ****, and have it going down the back of my throat, the sweet nectar,that it is!

Did you keep friends?

Out in public, very nice ;)