The Black Rose.

She was younger than me by a few months. We met online 5 years ago and became friends. Several months afterwards I fell for her. She lived in a different country to me so the only methods we could use to communicate were via the internet or telephone. I got into a lot of **** for phoning her - international calls cost a fortune. But I loved her and would stay up until morning just to talk to her, so that I could be with her.

I always thought we'd meet one day, but I don't see it happening. I was with her for 2 years - a rather distorted, broken, on-and-off thing that we had due to my jealousy, as well as her inability to accept that she was also dating another female. I ended it for good, and now I still visit her page occasionally to have a laugh, though I also feel bad for her, to see that she hasn't changed from when we were still together. She's still a dependent little girl that will do anything to get attention; only difference is now I no longer care.
lntel lntel
Dec 30, 2011